Attivo Designs was founded in 2015 by a pair of exotic automobile enthusiasts who wanted to create a brand that would allow the supercar and exotic car owner to further differentiate their investment to their own tastes. Headed up by emphatic exotic enthusiast and Professional Engineer Robbie Dickson, alongside industrial designer and lifelong gearhead Aaron Fraser to lead our creative direction.

Driven by our Mission Statement

“Everything we do, we do to challenge the status quo, we believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo by making our products beautifully designed, well engineered, and simple to use. We just happen to make great products.”

We have created a team that is an incredible compliment of artistic vision, engineering expertise and design capability combined with a thorough understanding of our clients expectations and desires. We understand what our customers are looking for, we have the talent to envision and create and with more than 20 years of combined engineering and design experience, the ability to provide the most unique and highest quality products for our discerning customers.


My name is Robbie Dickson. I am a serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, an Engineer, and an Emphatic Gear Head. I was brought up in England, my family, generations of Engineers got me into Engineering from the age or 11. Later I would go onto invent new technologies that solved real world problems ranging from healthcare mechatronics to Automotive robotics. My education started in the UK where my first 2 degrees in Engineering were completed at the University of Wales and thereafter got my first Engineering job, working with Rolls-Royce in the UK where I learnt the true meaning of the terms Quality, Integrity and Innovation.

Wanting to establish myself firmly in the Automotive world globally, I decided to move into the clean energy automotive sector working with Ford, BMW, VW, Audi, Isuzu, before starting my own business developing motions control products based on technology I invented. At the same time I was fortunate enough to be able to study at MIT, this lead me to work even closer with more Automotive OEM’s and allow me to feed my passion for Supercars. I gained my accreditation in the UK as C.Eng (Chartered Engineer) and in Canada I obtained my P.Eng (Professional Engineer) status.

Piggybacking my own success I decided it was time to use my own technology and knowledge in motion control, coupled with my thirst for Supercar development, and launch my own brand of automotive Carbon Fiber equipment for Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s and other Luxury supercar brands.

Attivo Design was then born because I wanted to differentiate myself from other supercar owners. After all we spend such a lot of money on our cars because we want to be different to everyone else, and so Attivo Designed products gives supercar owners like myself the ability to be different from each other. Launching our first Carbon Fiber kits in the fall of 2013 for Lamborghini Gallardo’s and Aventador’s, as well as Ferrari 458’s and F12’s, we will later introduce our unique active Airbrake Carbon fiber wings as optional extras.

Watch our company grow steadily as we explore our many luxury and supercar component ideas become commercial successes, that will be sure to make automotive news headlines worldwide and create a buzz in the Industry. The Supercar industry is as exciting as it has ever been, and we look forward to being a part of this new era.

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