Attivo Design recognizes that the owners of exotic and extremely premium automobiles invest in these types of vehicles as an extension of themselves, to stand out from the crowd and to be unique in their own tastes. Though these vehicles can be customized with an array of high end components, the customer is more often forced to use the same products that are being utilized by others looking to do the same.

That is why we at Attivo have created a Concierge Service to assure our clientele get exactly what they are after and the ability to have products built to suit their specific needs, tastes and desires. Attivo is unique in that we have both a Professional Engineer as well as an industry veteran Industrial Designer on staff to design and engineer anything you can dream up. We are limitless in our capabilities, only bound by your desire to have exactly what you want.




We build the product to suit exactly to your specifications and produce exactly what you are after, no more and no less.  The only exception to this would be if you commissioned further pieces, no one else will ever have access to your pieces or the associated design files.



We design the product and build to your specifications. The difference comes in that you can allow us to sell the product and in return you gain a commission off of each unit sold.



We design the product for your company and produce it for you under a private label or brand. This service includes component design in CAD software, rendered product images suitable for web and media and the possibility for 3D prints for design proofing.

Attivo Design has access to 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Solidworks CAD software, Keyshot Rendering Software for design, in addition to multiple process production facilities to produce your masterpiece.

Contact us directly to further discuss your desires.